About Swell Quality

An all-inclusive answer to management, growth, and customer satisfaction on the Amazon platform.


Swell Quality is a progressive retailer that provides seamless, scalable solutions to maximize your brand’s Amazon Marketplace presence. Our main priorities are building brand relations and providing a first-class customer experience. Our team integrates the latest software and strategy to boost exposure, success, and integrity of your brand.

Choosing the correct online marketplace partners is more important than ever. We don’t just help manage or market your brand – we live and experience it. Since our model is based on mutual success, our interests are always completely aligned with yours. We understand how important your brand image is to you. Let your vision come to life with us.


Chapman and Zach bring years of success working with brands of all sizes through all stages of growth

Chapman Root

Chapman Root

Founder & CEO

A former professional poker player, Chapman took his passion for analytical strategy and applied it to the e-commerce space. He constantly researches and experiments with cutting-edge, data-driven tools, in order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of Swell Quality’s offering.

Zach Zimmerman

Zach Zimmerman

Founder & CMO

With a BA from Stanford and MBA from Michigan, Zach spent the beginning stages of his career launching innovative products and campaigns for brands like Red Bull, Nike, and Gatorade. His brand management expertise translates well into the e-commerce space, where he helps brands manage the growth and optimization of their online presence.

Let's Grow Your Brand

Our e-commerce expertise extends far beyond the services listed above. We value the opportunity to discuss how Swell Quality can optimize your brand. Contact us now to learn more.